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MONTUS Workshop #6 - Danang - 04-07 Juillet 2002

Workshop #6 du projet MONTUS du 04 au 07 juillet 2022 à l'Université de Danang (Vietnam)

In the framework of the Erasmus+ Capacity Building MONTUS project, the 13 partners are pleased to meet again onsite in Danang for the 6th Workshop. The goal is to develop cloud computing, big data and artificial Intelligence for environmental sciences and to promote its education. 

The team members are involved in the creation of courses that will be part of a new master degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Engineering and Technologies in Hanoi, Vietnam. The project went from the steps of the accreditation of the master, to the writing of the syllabus, passing by the organization of thematic and practical workshops applied to the environment as that one. MONTUS delivers practical solutions deployed at three basic levels of cloud computing (infrastructure, plate-form and deployment) in the partner countries with computer hardware funded by the project and installed in Hanoi, Phnom Penh and Pathum Thani. 

One objective of this workshop in Danang is to continue the production of pedagogical resources to implement the master. The finalization of a book describing the issues, the competences to be acquired and the pedagogical approaches to be implemented to support them is at the heart of each work session. The target is to start the publication process of this reference book linked to MONTUS. Key use cases on the different platforms funded by the project are also discussed in order to highlight the potential of effective processing of massive data for environmental sciences on CPU and GPU architectures. 

Some project management meetings contribute also to consolidate the administrative and financial issues and processes related to a European project funded by the European Union, with theoretical presentations such as practical workshops and appointment with project managers from each partner. Partners from Thailand shared their best practices in the field of project management. 

This project has a heart to strengthen the links between education, research and environmental engineering. Beyond the capacity building in the field of education, our project has the merit of positioning our disciplines into a major issue of contemporary science. 

As a reminder, MONTUS is financed by the European Union One million euros in the framework of Erasmus+ Capacity Building. This program funds « transnational partnerships between educational institutions and organizations, training and youth programs in order, promoting cooperation and development ». MONTUS funded for 4 years, gathered around the University of Toulouse 2 Jean Jaures, the National school of architecture (ENSA Toulouse), the International School of Information Processing Sciences (EISTI, Pau campus), University of Ferrara in Italy, university Brussels Vrije, Faculty of Engineering and Technology of Vietnam National University (Hanoi), the Hanoi Architectural University, the Nong Lam university of Ho Chi Minh City, the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT – Pathumthani, Thailand), the Walailak University (Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand) and two Cambodian institution in Phnom Penh: the Royal University of Fine Art and the Institute of Technology of Cambodia. Three associated partners join MONTUS: French Agency of Francophonie (AUF – Asia Pacific, Hanoi), Meteorological Environment Earth Observation (MEEO – Italy), Institute of Agriculture and Environment (IAE, Hanoi) and HUPI cloud computing society (France). In total it’s 60 members who work for MONTUS during 4 years with height workshops alternatively in Europe and in Asia.


  Participation du LRA (Serge Faraut) en visioconférence

 Workshop agenda:

Monday, 4th July, 2022

09h00 to 09h30


09h30 to 10h00

Opening Ceremonies

09h30 – 09h35

Opening Speech of the Project Coordinator (Nathalie Hernandez)

09h35 – 09h50

Speech of the Rector of University of Technology and Education (UTE)

09h50 – 10h00

Introduction about the workshop’s objectives (Nathalie Hernandez)

10h00 to 11h40

Session 1: Introduction to MONTUS

10h00 – 10h20

Processes related to the management of the Erasmus capacity building project MONTUS (Lucie Loyon)

10h20 – 10h40

Organization for the cookbook sessions

10h40 to 11h00

Morning tea break

11h00 – 12h00

Session 2: cookbook session Exchanges between the cookbook writers and reviewers

12h00 to 13h30

Lunch Break

13h30 to 15h10

Session 3: cookbook session

13h30 – 14h50

Exchanges between the cookbook writers and reviewers

14h50 – 15h10

Feedback for the session

15h10 to 15h30

Afternoon tea break

15h30 to 17h30

Session 4: Platform session – general information (Yannick)


Tuesday, 5th July, 2022

09h00 to 09h15


09h15 to 10h15

Session 5: Platform session – use cases (Yannick, Peio, Astrid)

10h15 – 10h45

Morning tea break

10h45 to 12h00

Session 6: Plateform session – use cases (Yannick, Peio, Astrid)


12h00 to 13h30

Lunch Break

13h30 to 18h00

Session 7:

Project Management Meeting

Face to face meetings with Lucie Loyon for each partner (team leader and project officer)

Cookbook parallel session: correction of the chapters

Wednesday, 6th July, 2022

h00 to 09h15


09h15 to 10h10

Session 8: Project Management Meeting preparation of the final report

10h10 – 10h40

Morning tea break

h40 to 12h00

Session 9: panel discussion on key use cases illustrating the master issues

12h00 to 13h30

Lunch Break

13h30 to 17h00

Cookbook session: finalization of the chapters

Thursday, 7th July, 2022

h00 to 09h15


09h15 to 10h10

Session 10: panel discussion on the promotion of the Master

10h10 – 10h30

Morning tea break

h50 to 12h00

Organization of Ferrara Workshop and conclusion

12h00 to 13h30

Lunch Break

13h30 to 17h00

Visiting Da Nang and Hoi An

Plus d'informations sur la page dédiée du projet MONTUS sur le site du LRA.